15 Office Decor Ideas to Supercharge Your Workspace

Posted 4 weeks ago by TailoredSpace

Where do most people spend their life? Not their homes – their workspaces. An average employee spends upwards of 8-10 hours in their office every day. If not motivated, these hours can result in slacking and low productivity. As an employer, it’s important to recognize the role that a workspace plays in the productivity levels of the employees. 


If there’s one thing we know here at TailoredSpace, it’s how to create the office space that fits your But it’s not just the architecture that makes all the difference. Here are 15 decor ideas to supercharge your workspace.


1. Clean and minimal overall layout (avoid clutter and distractions)


When designing your workspace, it’s important to make sure that it’s as clean as possible. A minimally designed and a sleek work station layout will help in clearing the mind and assist in boosting the productivity


2. Create a functional space. (calendars, clocks, etc) 


Design and functionality go hand in hand. A workspace has to be visually appealing and functional at the same time. Small elements like a calendar or a clock should be introduced in the space to make the room as functional as possible.


3. Post your mission statement (reminds employees of mission etc)


Everyone needs a little motivation time and again. Employees spend 8-10 hours behind their computer screens every day and often require that extra boost to keep things going. A smart way to do this is to post your mission statement in visible areas of the office. This allows employees to be aware and reminded of the mission to help them stay motivated.


4. Office Plants

Plant for office decor



Plants are a great way to liven up any space. Office spaces are often monotonous. The bright green color of office plants helps break the monotony and introduce freshness in the work environment. You don’t necessarily have to install big plants, desk/window plants like succulents are a good option, too. Below are some of the other most popular office plants and some info to help you decide if they’re right for you. 


Snake Plants: 

Dwarf-sized snake plants are the perfect size for any desk, plus they are quite durable and need minimal care. 


African Violet: 

African Violets are not picky about light source, which means your desk lamp or whatever office fixtures exist in your workspace will be more than sufficient for these purple plants. 


Aloe Plant: 

As long as there’s a lot of bright light or a nearby window, Aloe will flourish. The easy-to-grow plant only needs watering every few weeks and looks really awesome. 

Lucky Bamboo:

 This easy-to-grow plant grows quite slowly, although they can start to grow in a variety of directions if left up to their own devices. Bamboo requires little light and some water – and are a really fun addition to any desk. 


5. Optimize your lighting (better lighting, lower depression, higher productivity)


Employees spend their entire day indoors and it is no surprise that they need good lighting to stay happy. This means that either you can ensure that there’s plenty of natural light or that the artificial lighting is sufficient.


6. Take advantage of your view

Office decor nice view of a downtown area



Many offices have a great view but they fail to capitalize on it. Even if yours doesn’t, it’s still important to highlight it. If employees have visual access to the outdoors, they’re more likely to stay productive and happy to work throughout the day.


7. Provide individual and group work areas (different needs etc)

Every office has to recognize the importance of individual and group efforts. This can be done by separating and distinguishing between individual and group spaces. Many people like to work in seclusion or need some time of the day to themselves, by creating clear personal spaces like a pod room/ a reading room and keeping it separate from group areas such as the pantry, you’re providing safe spaces for both needs. TailoredSpace’s’ workspaces offer a blend of private offices and communal workspaces. 


8. Optimize for the needs of the space


It’s not about how much space you have but about how you use the space. In a workspace, optimization is key. Think about how a particular area can be assigned and optimized to ensure that it is fulfilling the maximum potential.


9. Furniture (ergonomics and resulting productivity)


Nothing kills productivity like uncomfortable furniture. Employees spend most of their time sitting and if they spend it being uncomfortable, they won’t be able to focus on the task at hand. While selecting the furniture, make sure it is ergonomically designed to provide comfort to your employees.


10. Room Temperature

office decor high tech thermostat



The overall temperature of the room plays a huge role in determining the productivity of the employees. Every employee is different and has different comfort levels when it comes to the optimum temperature of the workspace. Here, it’s crucial to maintain an average optimum temperature that’s best suited for the current weather and the location of your office.


11. Noise Level


Things get a bit tricky when it comes to maintaining noise levels. For some people, silence results in boredom while some people can’t focus when there’s too much noise. To ensure maximum productivity, a workspace should be accommodative to both.


12. Connect with your local arts community 


One of the best ways to spruce up spaces is to introduce art. Connect with local artists to come to the office and organize activities or a paint session or even paint a wall to liven up space. There are many ways through which art can be involved to increase overall productivity.


13. Break up spaces with dividers


Every space needs some level of distinction otherwise it loses its appeal and functionality. For employees, it is their work station. Even though open spaces are the norm, you can still provide a sense of personal space by introducing dividers. 


14. Let team members personalize their spaces


Speaking of personal spaces, employees end up spending a considerable portion of their day at work on their desks. In order to make them feel more at home, allow and encourage them to personalize their spaces. Not only will this make them more comfortable but it will also boost their productivity as they feel happier and more relaxed.


15. Add bookshelves 


Employees get some free time during their workday and instead of spending it slouched over their phones, you can promote a healthy habit of reading. By adding bookshelves and stocking it with books on self-development, growth, business and the likes, you are promoting a culture of growth and skill development. Reading such books will encourage employees to work harder and invest more time in their development.


The Bottom Line

All these factors are under the control of the organization and by using them to their advantage, one can discover really unique advantages to ensure that their employees are set to be the best versions of themselves while at work and result in increased productivity throughout the org. Let us provide you and your co-workers with the perfect space for your business. Check out TailoredSpace’s workspaces to find a space that can be tailored to fit your needs.