15 Tips to Increase Office Productivity

Posted 3 weeks ago by TailoredSpace

Regardless of how good someone is at their job or how much they love it, there are always times when people find it difficult to stay productive. At TailoredSpace, we know a thing or two about office space, so let’s take a look at how to make the most of your own. 

1. Plan Your Day


Most people approach their workday headfirst, however it pays to be planned. A simple step that involves sitting still for 10-15 minutes and laying out the tasks for the day before the day starts can help with tackling even the busiest of days.


2. Organize Your Email

Email inbox getting organized



An email is the new cubicle. Keeping the inbox clean is just as important as keeping the desk clean. No one wants to spend hours staring at their inbox in a dazed manner and then looking for that very urgent email that needs to be answered immediately. Instead, spend some time organizing the email based on various filters and folders that will keep the inbox organized and shave important minutes off from the workday.

3. Block Distractions (such as mobile notifications)


Don’t underestimate the power of small distractions. Small distractions like notifications can cause a profoundly negative impact on daily productivity. It takes a second to get someone distracted from the task at hand and start focusing on other unimportant tasks such as replying to messages or scrolling through Instagram. Most people do it unintentionally and end up wasting precious time over such tasks. 


4. Get Off to a Strong Start 


Most people are at their productive bests during the start of the day or whenever they start a task. In order to stay productive for the entirety of the day, it’s important to have a solid start. A good way to do so is to focus and work hard during the first few hours in order to be ahead for the rest of the day as this also helps offset some slack hours.


5. Take Breaks Throughout the Day


A monotonous routine is one of the main villains of productivity. As much as people propagate hard and tireless work, it’s actually a deterrent. Small but meaningful breaks throughout the day help keep the mind fresh and the body active as opposed to continuously slogging away at work.


6. Time Chunking


Time chunking is the process of categorizing tasks. Instead of clubbing repetitive tasks together, switch them up with more engaging tasks. Time chunking allows for a more organized approach to working and the shift in rhythm allows for a more productive workday.

7. Assign Time Spent for Projects (don’t just work on something until it’s done)


It’s easy to get carried away while working on a particular task. The drawback of this is that other tasks take a backseat. Setting deadlines for tasks on a daily basis allows for a more efficient work schedule as well as keeps personal accountability at work.

8. Listen to Music

Man listening to music with laptop and headphones office productivity



Regardless of how much one enjoys their work, there will be moments when one gets bored. In order to avoid this, it’s always a good idea to listen to the music of their choice. Not only does it keep you active mentally but also provides a certain rhythm to the work.


9. Prioritize

Being productive is all about approaching work from a strategic perspective. Creating a to-do list isn’t enough, there needs to be a method to it all. By prioritizing important tasks and completing them first allows for a faster approach to work as well as gives the sense of accomplishment that induces motivation.

10. Avoid Being the Distraction


Offices are a fun and collaborative environment. Modern workspaces promote interaction and engagement. This also tends to raise the question of personal space. When you get a call or you want to have a conversation with someone, it’s important to do so in seclusion or exclude yourself from a group setting to avoid being a distraction for other employees.

11. Say “NO” Strategically

Work is often a collaborative environment. Many employees tend to put the team ahead of themselves and while that’s a good thing it does end up affecting their own work. If you want to be more productive at work, you need to learn how to say no sometimes. Evaluate the urgency of your work and the teammate’s work and if yours is more pressing, don’t hesitate to say no.


12. Open Offices


Open offices are the norm in today’s work environment. While open offices have their benefits, they aren’t always the most productive work model. Open offices allow plenty of opportunity for someone to get distracted as there’s something happening all the time. In such cases, it comes down to finding out the best way to cope with this on your own – don’t be afraid to ask for your own space. Learn more about communal office options at TailoredSpace.  

13. Just Say “No” to Meetings

A group of people holding a standing meeting to maintain productivity



There are some meetings that in reality should’ve been nothing more than an email. While most meetings are useful, there are some that are utterly useless. Before planning a meeting or attending one, always analyze whether or not the meeting is needed. If not, consider skipping it by providing a more time-conscious alternative.

14. Hold Standing Meetings

people having a meeting and decreasing productivity



Not all meetings are the same. In general, meetings can be time-consuming and the alternative for this is to hold a standing meeting. Standing meetings last around 10 minutes and are very to the point. These meetings are held in the beginning of the day in order to ensure that everyone is on the same page and that no one is wasting time in meaningless formalities.


15. Track Your Activities (Time tracking apps)


What’s better than hard evidence to understand your weaknesses and strengths? Time tracking apps are a great way of understanding how you spend your time and how you can improve your productivity levels. There are plenty of time tracking apps available that allow you to monitor your productivity levels as well as help you understand how you spend your time.


The Bottom Line

By implementing all these steps, it’s possible to improve productivity levels quite markedly and make work life a lot more fruitful and peaceful. Learn more about how TailoredSpace office spaces can boost your team’s productivity with innovative setups tailored to your businesses’ specific needs.