Why Coworking Spaces are best for Lawyers

In the legal industry, most law offices are beginning to make the change from a traditional office layout to shared co-working spaces. Ultimately, global circumstances are causing more legal firms to embrace virtual and socially distant environments. These various global circumstances including the Covid-19 pandemic have caused a massive demand for safe shared legal office […]

​Best and Fastest Ways To Get To LA from Riverside

When COVID-19 made its presence known to society last year, simple things we knew were disrupted. Going out to eat and drink were considered dangerous activities. You couldn’t hug your family or friends. It also prompted many people to work from home. It’s been a whole year now, and things are starting to get back […]

11 Tips for When You’re Moving to a New Office Space

It’s Never Too Early to Start Planning  Whenever you move to a new office space, the last thing you would ever want to consider doing is “winging it.” You should start the planning process very early on to ensure that everyone knows what they will be doing and to avoid any potential moving mistakes. If […]

List of Events to Host at a Co working Space

Company events and get-togethers can be perfect for your communal coworking space, especially if you’re endeavoring to bring your employees closer together to connect and share new ideas. Events can help add value to your business or company’s brand while also helping you attract new employees and prospective members by providing them with a unique […]

How to Rent a Conference Room in 2021: Factors to Consider

Before the coronavirus pandemic, the hotel industry gained a lot of revenue from conference room bookings. In 2018, the hotel industry saw a 3.5% revenue increase because of the conference meeting industry. While that was great for the hotel industry, your company must consider many factors before booking a conference room rental.  You don’t want […]

How to Get Out of a Commercial Lease, Pain-Free

No matter how big of a company you are, there’s a possibility that you might need to break your commercial lease, even though the terms in your legally binding contract agreed to lease terms that aren’t in your favor. That means you can’t simply move out of your building and state the agreement is over. […]

Finding The Best WeWork Alternatives for Your Coworking Space

WeWork created a coworking space trend that has expanded into an industry with over 20,000 coworking spaces worldwide. Within the United States, the ten largest coworking providers own 36% of the market. But that number was even higher in 2019. As more coworking providers enter the market, it creates an environment for more competitive pricing, better services, […]

Temporary Office Space: What Is It And Is It Right For Your Team? 

Is renting a temporary office space right for you, your team, and your business? In 2020, the coronavirus pandemic changed life socially, economically, and culturally on a global scale indelibly, near-instantaneously, and in ways that we are still struggling to comprehend now. This fact is especially true when it comes to the business world. The […]

How To Set Up a Virtual Office and Mailing Address 

What Is a Virtual Office? Virtual offices encompass a package of remote business solutions that allow you and your employees to work from anywhere without losing any of the benefits that come with a regular office. They can offer many advantages over a traditional office space. Virtual office Spaces  (or  known as mailing addresses) with […]