​Best and Fastest Ways To Get To LA from Riverside

When COVID-19 made its presence known to society last year, simple things we knew were disrupted. Going out to eat and drink were considered dangerous activities. You couldn’t hug your family or friends. It also prompted many people to work from home.

It’s been a whole year now, and things are starting to get back to “normal.” The vaccine rollout is going smoothly and allowing more places to open up. That means we’ll be able to go back to the things that we love to do.

But another problem it brings is commuting to work. Most people have been working from home for the last year, which significantly decreased road traffic. However, as people get back to commuting to work, they’ll need to start timing their trips to ensure they get there on time.

If you live in Riverside, you know that getting to LA for work can be challenging. So today, we’ll be discussing the best and fastest ways to get from Riverside to LA.

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Traveling By Car

It must feel weird traveling to work by car now. For the last year, we’ve been able to work from home in our pajamas. We didn’t have to get our work outfits ready the night before or throw something on the morning of. 

There was no stopping to get gas on the way to work. But we seem to be back there now, and that’s somewhat of a good thing.

If you’re traveling by car to LA from Riverside, using a car is the fastest way to get there. It will only take you about 57 minutes to get there. But that depends on a lot of factors such as:

  • Road construction
  • Car accidents
  • Random morning traffic

I’m sure you didn’t miss these things when working from home, but there is a way to reduce your morning stress. 

What if you had an office space in Riverside? You could rent one of our TailoredSpace desk spaces on our Riverside campus, so you won’t have to travel to LA every day for work. 

If you did that, you’d be able to save time in the mornings and be more productive at work because you don’t have to worry about sitting in traffic on the way home. Our Riverside office space is central enough, so you’ll get home in a matter of minutes.

Are you using a coworking space and want to hold an event? Check out this list of options that TailoredSpace created to help you decide!

Commuting By Train

Some people prefer commuting by train to work because it’s that happy medium between taking your car and the bus. There’s no traffic in your way, and trains cover more ground than busses with fewer stops.

Traveling by train is the second fastest way to get to work. It’s going to cost you between $10-$15 and will take you about an hour and a half to get to your office in LA.

Another bonus of traveling to train by work is that it’s an eco-friendly way to travel. Trains produce fewer emissions than cars, which is excellent, but there is an even better alternative.

If climate change is important to you, then stop commuting altogether and walk to work. Use our TailoredSpace coworking space in Riverside and do your work there.

It reduces your chances of catching COVID-19. You’ll be socially distanced from people and not on a cramped train with your mask on. If you did need to catch the train to LA for work, you can leave our Riverside campus and walk one block to the train station.

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Catching the Bus

The bus is probably the most common transportation method that people use to get to work. Buses come pretty frequently, but take some time to get you to your destination. 

To get to LA from Riverside by bus takes around 2 hours. You’ll probably be getting a 30-day pass, so that will cost you between $60 – $95, depending on the one you get. 

Then to top it off, during your commute, you’ll be on a crowded bus. No one wants to be on a cramped bus, especially as we’re creeping slowly towards the summer. Also, with COVID-19 still around, it’s not the safest place to be.

If you could work in Riverside a few times a week using our TailoredSpace coworking campus, that would reduce your commuting stress. You’d be able to work efficiently because now, four hours out of your day aren’t dedicated to your commute.

Do you want to make your office space more COVID friendly? Check out these tips from TailoredSpace!

TailoredSpace Brings Innovation to the Office Environment

Commuting used to be a big part of getting to work, and for some, it still is. But when the pandemic hit, it changed working conditions. Office buildings had to adjust to new protocols to keep employees safe. 

But with many employees working dynamic hours and enjoying the flexibility of working from home, why not use office space as you need it? That’s what TailoredSpace provides.

We understand that businesses change rapidly and will continue to do so as the pandemic continues. So use TailoredSpace coworking offices

We use mobile wall technology, which lets us adapt to the demands of businesses. They are easily adjustable, have an excellent level of soundproofing, and are made using eco-friendly materials

We have desks, offices, communal spaces, suites, and conference rooms to rent, either monthly or as needed. So businesses don’t have to worry about long-term rental contracts with leasing companies.

TailoredSpace believes that your employees shouldn’t have to travel to major cities to work. That’s why we have multiple campuses in suburban California, like our Riverside campus

Your employees deserve a better quality of life, and TailoredSpace can be part of the solution. Contact us today to learn more about our innovative office solutions. You can also check out our website for more content you’d be interested in.
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