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The background of the TailoredSpace story.

Our Story

TailoredSpace was founded by industry leaders within the Southern California office market. We noticed that every lease negotiation came down to the same critical issues: Lease Term & Construction Costs. The interests of the Tenants & Landlords were always in conflict over these issues! So, we asked ourselves the question that would ultimately launch TailoredSpace:
How do we provide custom offices with no lease terms?
TailoredSpace found the solution by combining coworking with new mobile wall technology. Incorporating moveable walls means that offices and suites can be customized to meet each company’s unique needs. Members tell us the number of desks and offices & we can construct it within 24-hours! The moveable walls also come with a higher level of sound proofing vs traditional dry wall, which means increased privacy. Additionally, the mobile walls are reusable making them environmentally friendly, reducing tons of construction waste.

TailoredSpace Campuses provide space to grow from coworking Desks to dedicated Offices and Suites. Every memberships is fully furnished and offered on a month-to-month basis. Every Campus is centered around coworking & communal spaces (lounge, kitchen, conference rooms, outside seating) which increases the special efficiency while creating collaborative & community driven work environments.

Our Values.

  • Flexible

    Business changes quickly. The flexibility of month-to-month memberships & reconfigurable offices is a competitive advantage for our Members.
  • Suburban

    We believe in bringing our Campuses into the neighborhoods of our Members. Suburban focused means shorter commutes and a better quality of life for our Members.

  • Sustainable

    Traditional construction techniques are wasteful & inefficient. We embrace change that’s both environmentally friendly & smart for business.
  • Communal

    Community is critical for productivity & overall health. We create welcoming Campuses that encourage collaboration between all Members.
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