Changing the way
offices are utilized

The background of the TailoredSpace story.

Our Mission

To bring premium & flexible office spaces to suburban markets.

How do we provide custom offices with no lease terms?

custom offices-new

What lead us to TailoredSpace?

TailoredSpace was founded by industry leaders within the Southern California office market. We recognized that office leasing trends had been slowly changing over the last decade. Demand was shifting from the cities to the SUBURBS. Businesses were demanding more FLEXIBLITY with lease terms.

Then COVID struck and accelerated these trends at an unprecedented rate! But when we looked around, we realized that most suburban office markets lacked quality coworking campuses. Demand for well-designed flexible offices far exceeded the available supply.

TailoredSpace’s growth has focused on filling this gap in the suburbs for premium & flexible coworking spaces.

Our Values.


Business changes quickly. The flexibility of month-to-month memberships & reconfigurable offices is a competitive advantage for our Members.


Most of our Members live within 5-miles of our Campuses. Suburban focused means shorter commutes and a better quality of life for our Members.


Traditional construction techniques are wasteful & inefficient. We embrace change that’s both environmentally friendly & smart for business.


Community is critical for productivity & overall health. We create welcoming Campuses that encourage collaboration between all Members.