The Ins and Outs of Flexible Office Spaces

Over the past few years, flexible workspaces have transformed how start-up companies and freelancers conduct their business. If you are curious about using these spaces to your advantage, here are the ins and outs of flexible spaces. 

What Is a Flexible Workspace? 

In some aspects, a flexible office space differs from those coworking spots. Flexible office spaces are a fully serviced office that features workspaces, furnishings, and other amenities for professionals to enjoy. Along with that, these spaces are rented on flexible terms. Many of the leases can include monthly memberships, long-term leases, or day-use fees. These spaces might also be known as flex spaces. 

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A flexible workspace is often an umbrella term that describes a whole range of different office solutions, such as on-demand meeting rooms, executive suites, private offices, and coworking spaces. However, they are all defined by their flexibility in the leasing terms. 

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Here are some of the most common types of these flexible spaces:


With these spaces, there is often a communal working area where employees from other companies will gather to work. You will find the same amenities as a traditional office, like printers, Wi-Fi, desks, and conference rooms. There are some perks to enjoy, such as beverages, social areas, and complimentary snacks. 

Dedicated Desks

Some flexible spaces offer a dedicated desk space where an individual will rent out a specific working area. With these areas, the professional has a consistent workspace, and there is a higher level of professionalism. These workers can also leave items, like a notebook or computer, in these spaces. 

Hot Desks

There is a term called “hot desking.” The desk space is shared among the members, and these spaces are on a first-come, first-served availability

Private Flexible Offices

These flex spaces often offer fully finished suites and spaces. With this option, freelancers can carve out their own personal space, complete with meeting rooms and suites, while still enjoying the flexibility of no long-term commitment

On-Demand Rooms

A member can book a meeting or conference room on-demand for a specific amount of time with these spaces. In many situations, the individual will book these spaces when they are hosting a meeting with clients or other visitors

All these flexible spaces provide many benefits to start-up companies and freelance workers. They have plenty of amenities, such as coffee or Wi-Fi. Along with that, there are flexible lease terms and plenty of options for workspaces.

The Benefits of a Flexible Office Space

Many companies and professionals are moving towards these flexible workspaces. There are many benefits and advantages that these spaces hold over those traditional offices. 

According to the American Occupier Survey, about 85% of executives say they are willing to use flexible-office solutions for their company in the next three years. These figures are supposed to rise in the next decade.

Here are some of these benefits:

Flexible Lease Terms

Most traditional office spaces offer leases of 5 to 10 years, butflexible leases or memberships allow businesses to have a larger latitude with their office requirements. For most spaces, these terms can last for anywhere from one to three years. Many of these spaces offer individual membership on a monthly basis. Professionals can easily expand their business or relocate if necessary.

Reduced Occupancy Costs

In a traditional case, a company will lease a workspace, and they are responsible for creating an office that will meet their business needs. From office furnishings to network infrastructure, these are costs that can cut down on the bottom line. With a flexible space, these details are provided, and there is no need to shell out any capital on behalf of the company. 

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Better Employee Experience

With these spaces, workers can enjoy leading-edge resources, amenities, and design. These workplaces are often located in a desirable area, and they are convenient for the workers. Along with that, when these workers are surrounded by other professionals, there is a sense of community in the space

These spaces are essential for those who work remotely and want to separate their working lives from their personal ones. With a flexible office, these workers can meet clients and enjoy in-person networking opportunities

On-Demand Meeting Spaces

There is more than a desk for a flexible workspace. When professionals use these areas, they can rent a wide range of working spaces, such as conference rooms and private lounges. It is easy to book a spot for an off-site meeting room for those conferences. Along with that, there is no money wasted with unused space. These on-demand rooms are equipped with the latest technology, such as screen sharing and video conferencing.

When you use a flexible workspace, you can enjoy a wide range of benefits. With that, companies have greater control over their spaces; their employees can work in fully outfitted workspaces and enjoy all the latest amenities and technology. All in all, these spaces lead to an improved employee experience

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Flexibility on Your Terms

From private offices to on-demand meeting rooms, these flexible working spaces offer a number of benefits for employees and their workers. With the flexible lease teams, attractive amenities, and reduced occupancy costs, these spaces are part of the future. When a company or professional is looking for more flexibility in their office decisions, flexible workspaces are the best options on the market

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