What work environment does your personality thrive in?

“Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work.” –Steve Jobs.

Everyone says that if you find a job you love, what if you don’t know how to turn your passion into that? At the very least, you’d like to find something that you enjoy doing day in and day out. 

We had an idea, what about matching personality types with job environments  that fit those personalities? Sounds almost perfect. Add in a quiz, and now it just became fun. Without further ado, TailoredSpace presents a quick, no-nonsense guide to matching your personality with a work environment. 

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What is your job personality?

Many people recommend using Holland’s Theory of Career Choice when you are looking for the perfect fit. John Holland offered a new perspective on how environment types and specific six job personalities work well together. Finding the perfect fit can be a challenge, but the right pairing can drastically improve your success

Want to find out what job personality and work environment best fits you? Take this quiz to find out everything you didn’t know you needed in your work life. 

What are Your preferences in the work environment?

There are many factors that make up a cohesive work environment. A multitude of those factors can change how you as an individual function at the job. Keep some of these factors in mind when you begin to match yourself with different work environments. 


Some people work better under the strict nine-to-five, whereas others prefer to have more flexible hours. Different jobs can offer different hours and the benefits that come with those. 


No one likes working with toxic coworkers. The team you share your work environment with can make a huge difference. Some can be creative and supportive. Others can drive you to reach your personal goals. 


The COVID-19 pandemic changed how companies viewed workspaces. Some people found out they loved working from home, and others realized they needed the structure of an office cubicle

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As the world shifts back to normal, some work environments are offering a range of workspace options. Some include remote working. 


Company culture

Company culture is a massive part of work environments. Some people thrive in formal culture, uniforms, and clocking in. You might prefer a more casual route. 


Everyone talks about 401K’s and retirement benefits, but there can be a lot of other incentives a job can offer. Things like holidays, sick time, and company perks can all make a difference in their work environment. Even free coffee in the break room can make an employee’s day.

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Career development

Do you like to hone your skills every day? A work environment that doesn’t offer these development opportunities might not be for you. Don’t worry. Some companies out there are more than willing to invest in their employees and their professional growth.

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We tend to like those who are similar to ourselves, and our personality type is no different. For example, those who have similar interests tend to enjoy working together. Finding a workplace that supports your personality can make going into your day job more fun than work. 

For example, artistic people not only enjoy working with other artistic people but also enjoy working towards similar goals. By working in an environment, you enjoy can help you feel more productive and driven towards your goals.

Here are the six job personality types according to Holland’s study.

Realistic- These types of people are the go-getters that prefer utilizing their skills. Some traits that these individuals showcase: stable, conforming, genuine, and practical. 

Some jobs that realistic people may excel in:

  • Architect
  • Farmer
  • Engineer

Investigative – These employees are strong thinkers and rely on working with theories, organizing, understanding, and information. They showcase traits like being analytical, independent, and curious

Some jobs that investigative people excel at:

  • Lawyer
  • Professor
  • Teacher especially at math

Artistic – These creative individuals are original when it comes to creative expression and prefer to be unsystematic. They showcase traits like having imaginative processes, tend to be disorderly, idealistic, emotional, and sometimes impractical. 

Ideal jobs for artistic employees are:

  • Writer
  • Musician
  • Graphic Designer

Social – You’ll normally find these people helping and supporting others rather than focusing on themselves. Their traits normally reflect cooperative, friendly, and sociable individuals.

Ideal jobs for social employees are:

  • Counselor
  • Doctor
  • Teacher

Enterprising – These individuals prefer a supportive work environment that encourages growth. Some traits that you will see in these determined individuals are ambition, energy, domineering, self-confidence.

Some jobs for enterprising individuals are:

  • Marketing
  • Management
  • Sales Person

Conventional– If you love organization, then you fall into the conventional personality. Traditional people love rules and enjoy precise, orderly, unambiguous activities. The traits of these individuals are efficiency, practical, and an unimaginative approach to things. 

Ideal jobs for conventional people are:

  • Editor
  • Accountant
  • Clerk

People tend to work harder in positions that bring them joy. Pairing professionals with work environments that mesh well with their personalities makes work more fun for everyone. 

Knowing your personality type and what you are looking for from an employer can also help you to avoid work environments that do not work well for you. For example, an artistic individual wouldn’t excel in a strict environment. 


Finding a work environment that matches your personality is the best way to enjoy your profession. Outgoing people tend to enjoy move open concept areas, or those who need organization in their life could benefit from having extra storage spaces and cubbies in their office area. 

At the very least, a change of environment can refresh the entire office. TailoredSpace in changing how workplaces operate by offering unique custom office layouts without a lease. Related: How to Get Out of a Commercial Lease