10 Benefits of Living Close to Work

Remember when long commutes to work were en vogue? We bragged about how long (and how hard) we worked to the neglect of everything else. Thank goodness, we know better now. Let’s discuss the top 10 benefits of living close to work

10 Benefits of Living Close to Work

Living close to work will benefit you in many ways. Here are the top 10 best benefits to living close to work. 

1 More Time

Living close to work will give you so much more time before and after work. That time that you would be leaving early or commuting to and from work is now yours to redirect. Here are a few things you can do with that new-found time:

  • Sleep: Spend a little more time in bed in the morning. This time is particularly precious if you aren’t naturally a morning person. 
  • Morning Routine: Develop that enviable morning routine you always wished you could. Even if you don’t become a part of The 5 am Club or have Miracle Mornings, having the time to meditate, read, pray, journal, or just sit in silence will start your day off right.   
  • Morning Workout: There’s so much to say about the importance of physical activity and exercise that we’ll discuss it in greater detail below. But enough to say here that long commutes often squeeze out the time to develop regular exercise routines

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2 Less Stress

We get used to high levels of stress and don’t realize its full and adverse effects on us.  Waking up early and rushing around the house to leave for work on time is a daily exercise in stress – mentally and physically. Morning traffic is an added stress as you meet up with all the other people who left home in a rush and are now full of tension trying to get to work on time. 

When you arrive at work, you often carry that tension in your mind and body with you for a while. So productivity may suffer, not to mention how you relate to your co-workers.  

3 Save on Gas (& Car Maintenance)

Driving long distances uses up large amounts of gas. A shorter commute is an immediate saving in gas costs, but it also means less wear and tear on your car. Fewer repairs will save you money for car maintenance and replacement parts. The savings on gas and car care alone are significant enough to be excellent reasons to live near your work.  

4 Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Driving long distances contributes to air pollution in the form of emissions. Even if you drive an electric car, there is still a small negative impact on the environment. Driving less will reduce your carbon footprint, and you’ll feel great doing good for the environment. And if you live near enough to work, you may not have to drive at all. A walk, jog, or even bike ride could do you and the environment a lot of good.  

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5 Better Productivity

A less stressful morning and life, in general, will cause you to be more productive at work. You can arrive early to work after a peaceful and brief commute, with a mind that is ready to work and relate positively to your co-workers. Tension drains your body of needed energy, so beginning your day without it will improve your energy output as well.  

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6 Reliability

If you live close to work, you’re more likely to be at work on time, not to mention having fewer late arrivals or sick days. It feels like less ‘trouble’ to take the short trip to work, and when you finish, you get home so quickly that it’s more motivating to make the effort. Your boss will appreciate your reliability, and it could mean more promotions and positive interactions. Things like bad weather or mild (non-contagious) illness are less likely to keep you at home.  

7 Opportunity for Exercise

The benefit of regular exercise to our bodies and minds is not in dispute – we know we’re healthier and happier when we’re active. A long commute to and from work each day can absorb any time you might have for exercise. You go from sitting in the car to sitting at work. By the time work is done and you get home, you’re too exhausted to work out. Although work is important, so is your physical and mental health. Sometimes hard decisions have to be made to ensure your longevity. 

If living near work still doesn’t leave you the time to go to the gym, consider walking or bike riding to work or long walks after an early dinner.

8 Sense of Community

Living a long way from work can mean that you don’t get to spend much time at home. You may live in a great place with a wonderful community, but being far away at work for so many hours per week robs you of enjoying it. Opportunities to build community by joining a sports team or building friendships are neglected because you don’t have the time or energy. Not to mention that the time spent driving in your car is a time of isolation, away from family and community

9 Hobbies & Interests

We all have interests we would like to explore, but long commutes can take up all the time, energy, and opportunity. But self-care in the form of hobbies and interests is necessary for your mental health and development as a person. Living closer to work will allow you the time to participate in activities that you will enjoy and grow by.  

10 Healthy Eating Habits

This might seem like a stretch, but when we’re tired, busy, or stressed, our healthy eating habits are usually the first things we forsake. We start snacking on any convenient food and stopping by drive-thrus for quick energy. Getting home earlier in the evening will give you plenty of time to enjoy nutrient-dense meals and skip the convenience foods.

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Improve Your Overall Quality of Life By Living Close to Work

Achieving any of the above benefits will significantly improve your life. Not only will you profit from living close to work, but so will your family. How great would it be to repurpose all of that time, energy, and money toward great new opportunities for growth and enjoyment?  

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