12 Top-Rated Attractions & Things To Do In Riverside

Perhaps you are in Riverside for an employment opportunity, but you are looking for things to do while you are here. Or maybe you are new in town, having moved in recently, and you want to learn more about the city. Regardless of how you got here, Riverside has a lot to offer both residents and visitors. Here is our list of the 12 top-rated attractions that you should be sure to check out.

1. Riverside Food Lab

No visit to Riverside would be complete without stopping at the Riverside Food Lab. Located right next to the Fox Performing Arts Center, you can make a great night of dinner and a show. Whether you are looking for a pizza, tacos, ice cream, or an adult beverage, you can find it at Riverside Food Lab. Take your work lunch from Riverside Food Lab, just a few blocks from your TailoredSpace office.

2. March Field Air Museum

If you’re a fan of airplanes, history, or museums (and even if you aren’t), the March Field Air Museum is a stop that you should put near the top of your list. Featuring more than 70 aircraft spanning over 100 years of aviation history, the March Field Air Museum helps tell aviation’s story from its early days through modern times. And while you are at the March Field Air Museum you may want to hop to the other side of the interstate and visit the Riverside National Cemetery, located on land donated by the March Field Air Base.

3. Van Buren Drive-In Theater

The Van Buren Drive-In Theater is one of the few operating drive-in theaters in the nation. It is a popular destination for cinephiles when it shows movies and hosts a swap meet throughout the week. You can meet some fun and exciting people at the swap meets, just like you can in the common areas of TailoredSpace when you get a cup of coffee.

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4. Fairmount Park

If you like open space to roam, then you’ll enjoy spending time in Fairmount Park. Enjoy various amenities such as the bandshell, multiple playgrounds, and Lake Evans, where you can watch the wildlife or rent a pedal boat. The large rose garden makes a great place to relax and even photograph the flowers. TailoredSpace can also give you the office space you desire, with luxury amenities that make it a place you’ll enjoy being at.

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5. Riverside Art Museum

Just down from the Mission Inn is the Riverside Art Museum. The Riverside Art Museum features rotating exhibits while also housing a permanent collection of more than 1,500 pieces. And the first Thursday of the month, they participate in the city-wide Arts Walk with free admission.

6. Mission Inn

Located just a block from TailoredSpace, the Mission Inn takes up an entire city block with a history dating back over 100 years. Take a 75-minute tour of the mansion throughout the week, or even extend your visit with an overnight stay allowing you to experience even more of the estate that tour-goers don’t get to see.

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7. Mount Rubidoux Park

Mount Ribidoux Park is an iconic location in Riverside and a popular hiking spot for residents and visitors alike. With a large cross overlooking the city, the site is home to the oldest outdoor Easter sunset service in the country, having been performed since 1909. This park is a great place to take a long lunch from your TailoredSpace office and take in the spectacular views.

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8. Box Spring Mountain Preserve

Readily accessible from downtown Riverside, the Box Spring Mountain Preserve allows you to enter nature right when you exit your vehicle immediately. While the hike to the top of the 3,000-foot mountain may be a challenge, you can’t argue with the beautiful view of Riverside and Moreno Valley. This is a great way to end your day after working in your office at TailoredSpace.

9. Sycamore Canyon Wilderness Park

If you can’t get enough of nature while working at TailoredSpace, you can venture out to Sycamore Canyon Wilderness Park with over 1,500 acres to take in and enjoy. Make sure to stop at the Ameal Moore Nature Center to get an idea of the different flora and fauna you can see in the park. Whether it’s hiking, biking, finding native plants, or just taking in the sun, Sycamore Canyon Wilderness Park should be on your short list to visit.

10. Fox Performing Arts Center

While the outside might seem dated, the interior is state-of-the-art after a renovation in 2007. Starting as a vaudeville and cinema theater house, the Fox Performing Arts Center hosts live music performances, comedy shows, and festivals in the city. This Spanish Colonial Revival style arts center should be a great way to relax and unwind after a busy day at your office in TailoredSpace.

11. Main Street Mall

This is a significant pedestrian corridor where dozens of shops provide a variety of goods and services. There are landscaped gardens, shade trees aplenty, beautiful fountains, and numerous benches to relax and watch the world go by. The Mall also boasts many historical and cultural attractions to take in, as well as several eateries to grab a bite with your colleagues from TailoredSpace. Main Street Mall is an urban oasis not to be missed in Riverside.

12. California State Citrus Historic Park

Did you know that citrus fruit is commonly referred to as the second gold rush in California? At the California State Citrus Historic Park, you can learn about this important crop in California’s history. The visitor center provides insights into the citrus industry in the state and interpretive displays and exhibits. You may also elect to take a guided tour of the grove on weekends—what a place to gather inspiration before returning to your custom office at TailoredSpace.


Source: ultimatecitrus.com

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Wrap Up

Riverside has a lot to offer, whether you are permanently moving here or just here for a brief visit. Take time to visit all of these great attractions during your time in Riverside, and encourage your friends to come along as well. These top-rated attractions should be on your short list to visit, from several natural areas around Riverside to historical attractions and great hangouts. With all of these great locations, TailoredSpace is there to add the perfect working space designed just for your needs.

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