10 Best Podcasts to Listen to at work

While at work, one of the best ways to focus or lock in some learning is to put on a podcast. While going through any brain dead or mind-numbing task, a podcast in the background might unlock some new ideas or just spark some curious learning. We’ve gone through the hundreds of podcasts out there on platforms such as […]

What is a Shared Workspace? Everything You Need to Know

The way we work is continuously evolving. The recent Coronavirus pandemic, for example, has forced many organizations to adopt remote working policies for an indefinite period. The changing landscape of where work is done though isn’t limited to catastrophic events like CoVID-19. Many companies have shifted from the traditional office structure to adopting workspace arrangements […]

15 Super Simple Office Breakfast Ideas: 5 Healthy Options!

Office breakfasts are a great way to get the team together and cultivate camaraderie and culture. They’re also perfect when the office needs to host a town hall slightly earlier in the morning or right away at 9 AM when business starts. At TailoredSpace, it is our mission to accomodate those professionals who are always […]