15 Super Simple Office Breakfast Ideas: 5 Healthy Options!

Office breakfasts are a great way to get the team together and cultivate camaraderie and culture. They’re also perfect when the office needs to host a town hall slightly earlier in the morning or right away at 9 AM when business starts. At TailoredSpace, it is our mission to accomodate those professionals who are always on the go and demand a fast paced lifestyle. Breakfast in the office is a critical component to achieving that ethos as it wakes everyone up and ensures no ones late because they tried to grab a bite along the way to work. 

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Here are some simple and easy breakfast ideas to try out. We’ve even included a dedicated section for healthy breakfast varieties too!

1. Breakfast Buffet

A buffet means everyone’s favorite food is on the table. Be sure to include the staples of a delicious breakfast that can be mixed and matched such as scrambled eggs, grilled meat and veggie meat alternatives covering patties and sausages. Hash browns are a favorite for most and for those looking for some sweetness, set up a waffle station along with fresh fruit, whipped cream, and syrups. This one’s also perfect when the team is looking to sit down together and celebrate an occasion. 

2. Tarts

These are perfect for those grab-and-go office breakfast moments before a morning town hall kicks off. They’re fresh, great, and are packed with nutrition if aiming for a bacon and egg tart option. 

3. Breakfast Sandwiches

No one in the office will deny crispy bacon paired with fluffy eggs and cheese. Offer this as a breakfast sandwich and it’s not only delicious but portable, not messy to eat, and the only cutlery you’ll need to provide are some napkins. 

4. DimSum

Dim Sum breakfasts are a lot rarer but can win an office over. Offer vegetarian options alongside the classics such as beef or pork. There are pan fried options, steamed, and even those wrapped in buns. All are great. Pro tip is to provide some side dipping options such as soy sauce and hot sauce. 

5. Breakfast Bowls

The great thing about breakfast bowls is that you can offer them to colleagues in a build a bowl fashion. This ensures even picky eaters can build the breakfast they’d like. Offer items such as poached eggs, tofu, kale, and ham. Even some rice to act as a filler and base isn’t off the table. 

6. Fried Chicken and Waffles

Wholesome and filling. Crispy-edged waffles paired with fried chicken and a hint of whipped cream can be a god send to the office in the morning. They’re delicious offered alongside maple syrup and with the fried chicken one can offer different spice levels. This is also a great option if breakfast is offered closer to noon at the office as a brunch meeting. 

7. Savory Waffles

Savory waffles typically involve ham, cheese, and smoked salmon. To offer something more high-end, throw in some poached eggs as well for each waffle dish that’s assembled. This like the previous fried chicken and waffles counterpart can also double as a brunch option for heavier and filling meals. 

8. Muffins

Easy to source, low maintenance, and can double as snacks later in the day if  there are leftovers. Throw together a basket of muffins ranging from chocolate, to blueberry, to banana and no one in the office will complain. 

9. Doughnuts

Sugary delight filled with energy is guaranteed to wake everyone up in the morning. They’re also easy to source and display making donuts a good hassle-free breakfast choice. Offer glazed, coated, and plain donuts. 

10. Pancakes

Another favorite for office breakfast choices are pancakes as they can be customized according to one’s choosing and do well as both a savory or sweet option. Some popular options are to offer pancakes along with maple or chocolate syrup, and also include some savory options such as with cheddar and scallion. 

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Healthy Options

  1. Fresh Granola Cup

A nice parfait of granola with yogurt is a breakfast option loved by all. You won’t get any protests from the healthy ones either since this one’s a great well-rounded nutritious meal. If possible, try to squeeze in some berries and fruits to mix up the chew and soft texture offered by the granola and yogurt. 

  1. Light Fruit Skewers

Simple and healthy, a skewer stick with common fruits that everyone loves is a healthy and easy to prepare option. Some great fruits to use include pineapple, apple, and melons. Even berries such as blueberry, strawberry, and rasberry do well. 

  1. Whole Wheat Toast and Avocado

There’s going to be those young millennials in the office who only wake up when they get their daily avocado. Offer plain whole wheat bread that’s slightly toasted and avocado bowls for anyone to build their own avocado toast. For toasting, you can even have a few toasters set up so it’s fresh. 

  1. Smoothies

Smoothies are best prepared off-site or in advance so as not to create a ruckus and noise in the office. Because of this, offer different varieties that touch on sweet options such as a chocolate banana smoothie, or more green such as a kale smoothie. 

  1. Plain yogurt with sliced bananas and a handful of nuts

Yogurt with sliced bananas and a handful of nuts is a healthy option that can also be customized and built by employees according to their needs. Just be sure no allergies to nuts exist in the office. Flavors of yogurt can also be offered alongside the plain ones. 

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Well there you have it, fifteen easy to assemble and serve breakfast options for the office. Some are fantastic for being customizable to any eater’s preference while others are cookie-cut and portable to be had during a meeting. Of course, don’t forget that alongside any of these it’s good to offer some beverages such as coffee, tea, water, and fresh juices. Now that your mouth is watering, we invite you to come check out a TailoredSpace office near you, and feel free to bring your best breakfast sandwich!