Finding The Best WeWork Alternatives for Your Coworking Space

WeWork created a coworking space trend that has expanded into an industry with over 20,000 coworking spaces worldwide. Within the United States, the ten largest coworking providers own 36% of the market. But that number was even higher in 2019.

As more coworking providers enter the market, it creates an environment for more competitive pricing, better services, specialization, and flexible memberships. If you are looking for something a little different than WeWork, then you’ll want to check out other spaces. We’ll highlight the seven of the best WeWork alternatives for coworking spaces.

Disadvantages of WeWork

As a large chain coworking space provider, WeWork offers great campuses all over the world. But WeWork has some disadvantages:

  • Crowded facilities where it may be difficult to work
  • Expensive membership and rentals
  • Lack of privacy when utilizing a desk space

As a more personable and cost-effective space, you should look at other WeWork Alternatives that are local or larger.

The Best WeWork Alternatives

If you are looking for great WeWork alternatives that are lower cost without compromising the value of the space, then you should check out these coworking space providers:

1. TailoredSpace

A local provider in Southern California, TailoredSpace offers desks, offices, suites, and conference rooms with no lease. TailoredSpace provides a professional work environment with additional communal spaces to facilitate networking and partnerships.

TailoredSpace’s monthly rate for a desk starts from $250 a month, including membership perks and amenities. Professionals can enjoy access to communal areas like kitchens and lobbies for enhanced business environments and a change of scene.

Are you interested in a space from one of TailoredSpace’s beautiful campusesCheck out their wide variety of office space options.

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2. Fldwrk

Fldwrk is a coworking space organization that promotes itself as an incubator for people and small businesses looking for the camaraderie of a shared space. Fldwrk offers beautiful coworking spaces, coaching services, and strategic planning for small teams. Fldwrk is a little different because they offer tools and services to develop leadership and teamwork skills to grow small startups or businesses.

They offer options for spaces ranging from an Office Incubator for 2-5 people from $2,000 to $4,000 per month or they have individual options that include meeting rooms, indoor and outdoor workspace, coffee, and optional coaching services.

3. The Wing

Designed specifically for womenThe Wing offers coworking space in Seattle, New York, and San Francisco, where the tech industries are hot. Its mission is to provide a central place for like-minded, professional women to build partnerships, expand networks, and find mentors.

Creating a safe space for women to work, The Wing charges about $250 a month for a membership. They also have their own podcast, rightly named No Man’s Land, and a magazine for promoting female professionals.

4. Industrious

With the atmosphere of a coffee shop or hotel lobbyIndustrious tries to replicate the environment you would find at a Fortune 500 company. Rapidly expanding, Industrious is in over 50 major metros throughout the United States with over 100 different locations.

Industrious offers a variety of different coworking spaces, from individual desks to suites. Pricing for a single desk can range from $200-300 a month, while larger suites can cost about $1,000 a month.

5. DropDesk

Ideal for traveling professionalsDropDesk is an app that partners with other businesses and landlords to create pop-up coworking spaces from unused business space. DropDesk offers coworking spaces in all major US metros.

DropDesk memberships allow for on-demand access where you pay by the hour, part-time space for $250 a month, or a dedicated space where pricing can vary depending on location.

6. is an international coworking space provider in over 115 countries for WeWork nomads. For professionals that need or want temporary workspaces, they can access all over the world.’s global membership gives you access to over 2000 international locations, and the membership starts at $50 for five days of coworking. does have some limitations. You can only use a particular space for a maximum of four days per month. Some locations are a little more flexible on this, but it is at the location’s discretion.

7. LiquidSpace

LiquidSpace offers real-time locations relative to where you currently work and can lease space hourly, daily, or monthly. You can search by metros or by your current location, and it displays like a map all the places where you can rent a space for individuals or teams.

LiquidSpace finds workspaces, conference rooms, event centers, or offices that come with a varying cost structure. Because it offers a diverse set of spaces, you could find a low-cost office space in a personal residence or an expensive event center for conferences or team building. The LiquidSpace app can tailor your search for a turnkey workspace, depending on your needs.

If you need a space for holding events or conferences, consider renting a space in Southern California from TailoredSpace. Contact TailoredSpace for availability.

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Finding the Right WeWork Alternative Is Dependent on Your Needs

Each of these coworking space providers specializes or caters to different types of professionals. Whether you need a more permanent space in a specific metro or need the flexibility of accessing other locations around the world, each of these WeWork alternatives offers a less expensive solution for the same type of amenities.

If you live in Southern California, you should consider TailoredSpace for a turnkey professional workspace. TailoredSpace offers a wide variety of office space options that can give your business credibility without a costly lease.

Want to know if there is a TailoredSpace campus in your area of Southern California? Check out TailoredSpace’s CarlsbadRiversideWest Covina, and Corona locations.

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