Pros And Cons Of An Open Office Space

Ever since the aftermath of the 2008 recession, many companies adopted the open floor space system for the offices. As much as this brought a different feel to office operations and surroundings, most people considered it very cost-effective and ‘modern.’ Here are a few facts about this option:

  • About 70% of offices in America have an open floor space infrastructure. 
  • Open office space grew popular after the 2008 recession.
  • The idea of an open office floor was meant to help save office operational costs.
  • TailoredSpace provides companies with custom office layouts without a lease.
  • TailoredSpace offers offices, suites, and desks exclusively on a month-to-month basis.

In recent years, the logic behind the need for open office space is being questioned, with most people arguing that it is no longer necessary and does not foster positive interaction between coworkers.

With the services that TailoredSpace offers, companies can get their needs met, concerning a location, no matter what they are. The open space alternative comes with its pros and cons, as listed here.

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Businesses That Thrive in Open Workspaces

While any business can adopt an open office workspace, some companies adapt and work better in this type of environment. Businesses that require a lot of collaboration, such as creative businesses, do well in an open environment where employees can bounce ideas and brainstorm together regularly.

These types of businesses are generally:

  • Advertising and Marketing Agencies
  • Nonprofits
  • Architecture Firms
  • Public Relations
  • Think Tanks
  • Web Development Agencies

But open office spaces aren’t for everyone and can sometimes create adverse work environmentsRecent studies have found that open workspaces can lower productivity and employee morale. 

Is an Open Office Space Right for Your Business?

Creative and collaborative businesses do well in open office spaces. Entrepreneurs also do well in an open space where they can network and create with others. But If your business requires high levels of privacy or you meet with customers regularly, then you may want to consider cubicles or private offices. 

Whether you want an open environment or a private office, TailoredSpace has a work environment to meet your business’ needs. They offer monthly plans for co-working spaces to dedicated suites to everything in between.

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Pros Of An Open Office Space

Interested in what an open office space has to offer? Here are the main benefits of an open workspace:

Efficient Communication And Networking Options

One of the main ideas behind the promotion of open office spaces was to help promote a working environment where workers can talk with each other and share ideas quickly and easily.

The removal or lack of any physical barrier is supposed to help create a more welcoming working environment for employees. It also makes for easier supervision while making it less complicated for workers to seek help from superiors.


As mentioned earlier, the original idea behind open office spaces was to provide a more cost-effective rental option for companies. The same advantage still applies today. Renting or designing an open floor office space is less expensive as compared to including cubicles or separate offices for workers.

Also, it is easier to accommodate more people in an open office space than possible when there are boundaries. Open office spaces also require the use of fewer computer accessories and gadgets such as video cameras and even WI-FI service.


Open office spaces have the advantage of maximizing flexibility as they do not necessarily require a single layout or design. You can be very flexible with your choice of interior decor. Plus, the area can accommodate a larger number of people, with the necessary rearrangements made as the number grows or when the company sees fit.

On the contrary, with traditional office space layouts, a company will have to rent extra space and invest in more cubicles or offices as the number of working staff increases.

Open office spaces are ideal for companies that make use of freelancers or have remote workers. This is because such a setting does not come with any commitments. Thus, workers can move around as they please. Plus, anyone is free to use any desk or computer available.


An open office floor offers a more spacious working environment. You will find there is enough freedom of movement without the obstacles that cubicles present. This makes movement more comfortable and gives your workers a more ‘breathable’ environment. 

Cubicles can sometimes stifle free movement and make an office space look smaller and more confined. This can even have a negative effect on creative thinking. Cubicles are mostly monotonous in appearance and can make workers feel a little bit trapped.

More Productivity

One of the ideas behind an open office space is the belief that it helps to foster a better working environment. The absence of barriers, face-to-face communication, interaction, networking, sharing ideas, all helps increase productivity. 

The sense of inclusion and belongingness that such a setup provides encourages workers to give off their best. No one feels left out or inferior, and this helps to increase innovation. Also, various departments can communicate easily with each other.

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Cons Of An Open Office Space

While some businesses thrive, many companies also struggle in an open office space. A study by the Harvard Business Review found that open office space leads to less meaningful interaction because individuals lack the privacy and space they need to be productive.

Instead of collaborating, employees have adapted to shutting people out and reading that their coworkers want to be left alone. This is primarily because of the cons of open office spaces:

Excessive Noise And Distractions

The several benefits of open space offices can be undone by one huge disadvantage – excessive noise and distractions. Workers will be exposed to several conversations around them all day. The situation only gets worse with a larger number of people.

Distractions will be prevalent in such environments. Anybody will notice the slightest movement – the pull of a chair, noise from cell phones, the sound of chatterings, and so on.

Cubicles, in this case, provide a sense of privacy, and to a large extent, the needed peace of mind to be productive. Simple hacks, such as noise-canceling headphones, can go a long way around blocking out the distractions and noise and keeping a person focused.


There have been several kinds of arguments that suggest that working in cubicles and the privacy they provide help increase productivity. This is because some level of privacy is required to bring out the creative best in some workers. An atmosphere of noise and constant distractions can prove very counterproductive.

Lack of privacy can also cause some level of stress. This could be from the noise or unnecessary competition from other coworkers.

Lack Of Privacy

The open office environment does not offer privacy, and it isn’t easy to, for example, make personal calls without needing to use the bathroom. However, one advantage of a lack of privacy is the fact that workers will tend to pay less attention to personal stuff and focus more on working. 

A lack of privacy can also result in a lack of security, which, in turn, can breed mistrust. Workers will be hesitant to leave their personal belongings in the presence of their coworkers, cleaners, or visitors. Again, a simple solution could lie in creating lockers for the workers.

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Consider the Needs of Your Business Before Deciding on an Open Office Space

Whether or not a company should opt for an open space office should depend on the kind of business the company is into. If it requires a lot of collaboration and exchange of ideas such as a creative company, then an open space will prove useful.

Moreover, most of the disadvantages can be reduced with some simple solutions. In some cases, a hybrid approach may be beneficial. Plus, a lot of companies are still using open office spaces for their businesses for a reason.

Trust TailoredSpace with setting you up in a conducive atmosphere for operations, no matter the layout. Our offices in the following locations are ever ready to help your business.

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