What Are Serviced Offices and Is It Trending?

When you’re already low on time, the last thing you need is extra responsibility.

Meet the serviced office for rent.

This useful resource has become the go-to option during the pandemic, providing busy employers and busy employees with the ability to save time. The serviced office comes already furnished and ready-to-go, alongside a whole host of additional benefits. If you’re considering saving money without cutting corners, you’ll want to keep reading.

We’re going to take a look at serviced offices, why they’re trending, and what you can do to take advantage of their unique features.

How Work Has Changed During The Pandemic

While many of the work trends in the pandemic aren’t new, they certainly have become more common. Telecommuting, hybrid work models, and serviced offices are the new standard.

Remote work has proven one of the most popular changes under the pandemic. Pew Research found 80% of survey respondents have an easier time meeting their deadlines. Nearly 65% also report having more motivation to do their work.

When you’re unable to offer your employees a completely remote work model, it’s easy to get frustrated. How can you still provide the benefits of more compatible work spaces?

The most notable effect of a long commute is regularly feeling negative emotions. These ill feelings creep into every facet of life. This stress can lead to depression, low job satisfaction, and much more.”

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What Is a Serviced Office Space?

The serviced office meets both employers and employees halfway. They arrive fully furnished, are more affordable in the long run, and are more flexible than a traditional office.

The serviced office space operates on a similar logic to recycling or thrift shopping: why throw away what you can just use again? This results in a more affordable and more effective co-working space that saves everyone money. 

The financial and emotional benefits of the serviced office space include:

No Need To Invest in Expensive Furniture Or Amenities

Keeping track of a lot of working parts can backfire. Forgetting to install an important piece of equipment, for example, slows down productivity and leaves already exhausted managers frustrated. 

Serviced offices come with all the latest tools, from personal computers to printers. They’re designed to have all the basics in place so you can stop fussing and start working as soon as possible. Even better: you don’t have to worry about keeping up with maintenance.

Flexible Locations to Meet People Where They Are

Location independence is invaluable in the age of the pandemic. Not everyone can afford to move to an entirely new place for a job. Even basic travel has come to a halt.

Serviced offices aren’t a huge commitment thanks to their flexible leasing options, so you’re in a better place to meet people where they are. You are actively encouraged to experiment with different locations and see which area suits your business best. 

You might even find that changing locations multiple times a year is your default, not the exception!

A Plethora of Payment Options

The issue with traditional office spaces are their rather rigid approaches to leasing. Serviced offices provide several payment options to better suit the needs of the business, not just the real estate investor’s.

“Flexible office spaces are a fully serviced office that features workspaces, furnishings, and other amenities for professionals to enjoy. Along with that, these spaces are rented on flexible terms. Many of the leases can include monthly memberships, long-term leases, or day-use fees.”

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How Popular Are Serviced Offices?

Serviced offices have skyrocketed in popularity. When the pandemic makes the world feel like it’s closing around you, a little flexibility goes a long way.

One of the biggest appeals of the serviced office for employers is the ability to better regulate their cash flow, such as breaking leases early or deferring payments. While virtual offices are still the safest option, businesses that desire face-to-face communication are better off with flexible hybrid models. 

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Now’s the best time to improve your work spaces. TailoredSpace offers greater customization and flexibility for all parties so people can get to work faster.

What Should I Know When Seeking Serviced Offices For Rent?

Getting the most out of your serviced office space starts with asking the right questions. Why do you want a serviced office space and how will it benefit both your business and your employees?

Ask Your Employees What They Need

There is no business with its workers. Your employees are well-versed in what does and doesn’t help them do their job. Tell them about your ideas for serviced office spaces and ask them for their thoughts: you may be surprised at what you find out!

Make Sure Your Serviced Office Has The Correct Equipment

Yes, serviced offices come fully furnished. That doesn’t mean they’ll have everything. 

If you run a highly specialized business with unique equipment, double-check this step so you’re not scrambling at the last second. This could look like an animation studio needing tablets or high-quality scanners. 

“You should start the planning process very early on to ensure that everyone knows what they will be doing and to avoid any potential moving mistakes. If you try to change offices willy-nilly, you’ll likely find yourself and your employees stressed and scrambling at the last minute to get everything together.”

It’s Time To Be Adaptable And Explore Your Options

Despite hopeful predictions, the pandemic isn’t going to end anytime soon. 

One out of four workers chose telework options due to the pandemic. Another survey found at least 45% of businesses will actively prefer a hybrid work model in the future. Doing things the way they’ve always been done will be a recipe for disaster.

Serviced offices are highly flexible and offer a variety of leasing options that save everyone money. They come fully furnished, require little to no maintenance, and encourage location independence. The more adaptable you are now, the better you’ll be able to weather economic instability. 

Are you rethinking your office options? Contact TailoredSpace today and see how you can finally start saving time and money with a more optimized work environment.