The 10 Best Office Plants for Your Workspace

Office plants are becoming the mainstream in the workspace, and are a great way of adding some character and individuality to the endless aisle of desks and cubicles. Not to mention the exquisite decor, but these living things have been proven to boost the wellbeing and productivity of workers. 

That is why a lot of work areas, like TailoredSpace, offer decorative solutions similar to office plants to improve their co-worker’s office experience. 

With that in mind, let’s explore the 10 best office plants for your workspace:

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The cacti are the beginner office plant for many hardworking individuals. They are small, cute, and very low maintenance. They only need to be watered once a week and can thrive with moderate natural light. With a low profile and lack of shedding, it’s the perfect addition to the office shelf. If the office worker has pets, be sure to keep this one out of reach. 


Pothos are excellent plants if you love the concept of minimalism. Their appealing aesthetic combined with the lack of maintenance is a busy worker’s dream come true. Because of their hardy nature, you’re guaranteed to find one in any office settings around the world. They are lightweight, elegant, and grow quickly, which makes them an appealing aspect for file cabinets or office shelves. 

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Snake Plant

Formally known as the Sansevieria is a fantastic low maintenance plant that can grow to several feet tall. They are known to help purify the air, creating a healthy environment that increases oxygen levels in the workplace to enhance energy and productivity. The snake plant doesn’t need a whole lot of care and watering it once a week is enough to keep it alive. 

Jade Plant

The Jade plant is a succulent plant with small flowers. They are super low maintenance requiring very little water and are commonly called “money plants” due to their auspicious nature in Japan for bringing wealth to the caretaker. They also have a bonsai tree appearance to them as an added bonus. 

Chinese Evergreen

The Chinese Evergreen is a common house plant in many parts of the world and does well in offices located in a humid environment with partial light. This durable plant does not require direct sunlight, and it’s easy to grow, making it an excellent companion for a busy office worker. That is why watering once a week is enough to keep this plant thriving for life. 

Peace Lily

Peace Lily plants are eloquent and flamboyant. Their massive size makes them the perfect centerpiece that elicits a sense of decor and elegance for any office setting. These voluptuous plants can also purify the air around the office and require very little natural light to survive.


Philodendrons are low maintenance plants that seem to survive in any office climate. Workers can blast up the AC or keep their environment humid, and these plants will still adapt beautifully. They are tall plants that can reach the ceiling, which provides an exciting stairway appearance that can “green” up the office like an eco-lodge. 

ZZ Plant

ZZ Plant is considered a succulent, which makes them an excellent indoor living decor. These plants require little lighting to grow, so the run of the mill light bulb is an adequate energy source for it. It’s not picky when it comes to water, so it only needs hydration once or twice a week. 

Lucky Bamboo

Our favorite office plant will have to be the Lucky Bamboo. This plant is unique because of its ability to grow in a water vase. It’s not only low maintenance but has a unique stem arrangement that makes it stand out in the office. It does well in bright light but can also thrive in lower lighting conditions. The water base only needs changing once a month, but be cautious that you don’t tip it over in the office; it can lead to a messy cleanup. 

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English Ivy

The English Ivy is known for thriving in an environment with minimal lighting and water, which makes them a great indoor potted plant. In fact, plant lovers can wrap the ivy tendrils around any straight structure to create an enticing form of natural art in the office. 

Air Plants

We’ve explored a variety of potted plants, but the Air Plant is unique for its ability to survive without any soil. These plants can be placed in delicate glass globes and kept away from direct sunlight in a warm temperature environment. Since they don’t have roots, watering them will not do much, but spraying a mist on the leaves will keep it moist and fresh. 

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Aloe Vera

Everyone has come across an aloe vera plant in the office, especially if the owner is a skincare enthusiast. These plants do not require a lot of lights, and although they look great, their thorny parts make them slightly hazardous to any office pets. On the plus side, aloe only needs to be watered every couple of weeks, so if there’s a window desk, then the Aloe is an excellent choice. 

Red Aglaonema

A famous and elegant house plant that’s slowly making its way into the office scene. The Red Aglaonema comes with broad leaves and a short stem, which allows it to be tucked away in the corner of the cubicle. Its dark green leaves with pink highlights create an alluring and decorative design for any office desk. Aside from its colorful foliage, it’s also low maintenance and only needs to be watered once or twice a week. They are easy to grow and thrive beautifully with medium lighting. 

African Violet

The African Violet are petite plants that are perfect for smaller spaces. Its elegant blue coloration breathes light to any dull, monochromatic workspace. The plant thrives successfully if kept away from direct sunlight and can survive on pure fluorescent lighting. 

Parlor Palm

Parlor Palm is a famous indoor plant that can be found in a variety of office settings. These plants do well in relatively low-lightings and survive in colder temperatures, especially if the AC is always on in the office. They’re also non-toxic, making them suitable for office pets.

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Office plants may seem minute, but they play a significant role in the office environment. These plants can purify the air and increase oxygen levels in the office to improve the energy and productivity of the workers. 

That is why TailoredSpace utilizes accessories like office plants to improve their client’s office experience.

Because these plants are elegant and low maintenance, it’s highly advisable to purchase mother nature’s most valuable asset for your office space.

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