How to Make The Ultimate Collaborative Workspace

What Is A Collaborative Workspace?

The basic idea of a collaborative workspace is a shared space that many people from different businesses can use. The concept has been supported by several leading companies in various industries such as Google and Blizzard, which have seen excellent results with the use of collaborative workspaces. 

A collaborative workspace could be the environment that they need for their team to succeed. They provide the potential for improved productivity, creativity, and communications between team members. This also creates the potential for projects and endeavors that may otherwise not have been feasible. 

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Advantages of a Collaborative Workspace:

It’s a Space to For the Modern Workforce:

Gone are the days where employees are expected to punch in for eight hours and sit while entering data in isolation. Today, companies are moving to complete projects and provide innovations faster than ever. Collaborative spaces provide opportunities for modern workers to form a community, brainstorm, and work together. Employers can tailor these spaces to suit the needs and preferences of their employees and company culture. This can lead to greater productivity as communal spaces have been shown to foster creativity, productivity, and teamwork.



Collaborative workspaces provide flexibility. Businesses are operating in an environment where tastes and preferences are changing rapidly and they need solutions that can scale with them. Collaborative workspaces provide this in a few key ways. Often collaborative workspaces have communal seating so adding another few employees doesn’t mean needing to immediately rent out more space. In addition, many collaborative workspaces offer multiple locations so that you can easily relocate should the need arise. 

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Easy Access to Technology

Collaborative workspaces mean that companies can save time that would normally be spent setting up and troubleshooting a complex IT infrastructure for perhaps just a few people. Collaborative workspaces normally include access to fast WiFi, Teleconferencing equipment, etc so that time can be spent on more profitable endeavors. 


Questions To Ask When Creating the Ultimate Collaborative Workspace

What Are You Trying to Accomplish?

Knowing how your team(s) works and operates will give you insights on what you need to provide them for their goals. Try to create a space that caters to this and you’ll be that much closer to having the ultimate collaborative workspace. Knowing that you’ll have a huge project with all hands on board, for example, might create the need for more communal space.


What Do The Employees Need?

Employers would have to consider the needs of their employees during the construction or scouting phase. A collaborative workspace will center around the employees’ needs for a proper work environment because they’re the lifeblood of any business operation. Some examples of needs to consider are location, amenities, access to private workspaces, technology, and even some more simple things such as whiteboards. 

However, employees’ needs are constantly changing, so a great option to consider is a space that is flexible and can scale with your company. 


What are the Special Features That You Need?


Understanding how your team does their work and what they need from you will help you to decide what features are must-have or nice-to-haves. A few that we would urge people to consider include the following. Meeting rooms are an excellent spot for collaboration to take place; They’re a place where employees can gather around and share ideas in a work-related setting. These workspaces are a great resource for intense or technical meetings when the shared areas aren’t quite right. 

Privacy nooks or cubicles are also excellent features that allow employees some space to get their own work done for those who need or prefer them to get their best work. Amenities are another feature where needs and preferences can vary greatly. 

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Who Uses Collaborative Workspaces?

Almost anyone can benefit from setting up shop in a collaborative workspace. While we may typically think of ultra-modern startups as typical users of these types of spaces, the current pace of changes in technology and consumer preferences means almost any company could benefit from the use of collaborative workspaces. 

What Do You Need to Do to Create the Ultimate Collaborative Workspace?

Choose or Create a Comfortable Environment:

A hard-working team will want to be comfortable in their own space, so it’s vital to ensure that there is an ample amount of space. Another tip is to shop for or create a space with comfortable chairs and a healthy mixture of traditional desks and private areas for those who need them. Another tip is to take input from employees to know what kind of arrangement can improve their productivity when creating your ultimate collaborative workspace. 

Collaborative Seating and Organizational Structure

Traditional office seating tells as much about the story of company hierarchies as company paychecks and titles. Companies that have started in the digital era are no longer defined by a complex management hierarchy. This physically shows in the way collaborative spaces are laid out. Consider your organizational and leadership structure and if this is a good fit. 


Make Use Out Of Collaborative Software:


The right software package can make a significant difference in your company’s quality of work. These software packages are designed to keep everyone connected and on the same page. Collaboration software provides shared customer data, team dashboards, and team communication tools to ensure proper storage, download, and transfer of documents as well as tracking projects and completion dates. Collaborative software can be a game-changer to get projects done on time and to create innovative ideas. Regular feedback sessions will help to assess any new feature sets or solutions to implement. Find a list of popular collaborative software here.


Keep Everyone Updated About Changes:

Employees will appreciate advanced notification about changes in a prompt fashion, so they will have enough time to implement or prepare for them. Typically, the advantage for those already in a collaborative workspace is that communication happens quickly and openly. 


Keep Employees Motivated:

Today’s work environment can be a little more loose and a little more free so understanding what motivates employees is absolutely essential when working toward creating the ultimate collaborative workspace and reaping the rewards. Understand who your employees are as individuals and what their motivations and goals are to get the most out of them in this collaborative environment. 


Create Layouts That Balance Creativity And Production

Understanding how your team(s) do their work, communicate and the flow of your given projects will give you insight into creating optimate layouts. When shopping for or creating your ultimate collaborative workspace, this is another reason to look for a space that provides customizability and scalability to you. TailoredSpace is innovating the workplace by providing companies with custom office layouts


What Features Will Ensure a Successful Collaborative Workspace?


Flexibility in seating and layouts is a must. Companies in today’s economy grow, restructure and relocate rapidly. Your most successful collaborative spaces take as many of the difficulties which come with these changes off of management’s plate as possible.


Brainstorming Spaces

A space for brainstorming will keep you in step with the modern work environment. Competition is fierce and companies are constantly on the search for that next innovation. A perfect collaborative workspace will include a space for employees to have brainstorming sessions. Useful tools for a brainstorming space may include markers, a whiteboard, or a projector.  

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The right amenities for your employees’ preferences and organizational culture will ensure the best experience and output from your collaborative workspace. Providing coffee, snacks or being located near great food options not only makes employees happier but decreases tardiness on average. 

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The right technology or combination of technologies can make or break your productivity. Look for or provide a space with all the tools your team(s) need for success. Examples include fast Wifi, projectors, and conferencing equipment. 



Consider the way the presence of sounds and distractions could hinder the work of your employees. If there is distracting noise, you may need to install sound dampening materials. 



Collaborative workspaces have many advantages and are a product of and tailored to today’s workforce and economy. After considering all of the advantages, typical features and our guidelines for creating your ultimate collaborative workspace, you should have everything you need to create a space that is comfortable, productive and can scale with your business.  

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