How To Be A Successful Real Estate Agent

How can you be a successful real estate agent? Having clients, sure that’s important. Closing sales, yes, that’s important as well. But what else can help with those things? Several things will lead to both of those things, and what follows are several helpful tips that will lead to a more successful career in real estate. Anything that can help you make an additional sale in a month, repeatedly, is worth looking into.

Communication Is Key

Sure, we all communicate in different ways each day. But do you pay attention to those conversations? People who elect to use you to sell their home need to know that you are paying attention to them when you are talking with them. They need to know that you care about their home and look out for their best interest. The clients are putting their trust in you and what you will do for them. Happy clients refer others to your service, leading to your success as a real estate agent.

Gather Some Partners

real estate agents are in unique positions to contact many different professionals. From bankers to home builders to interior designers and a wide variety of business people, you as a real estate agent are in an exciting position. Some of these folks will be looking to buy a house or sell a home in the future, so you have a network of potential clients there. But more importantly, these same people can also be a source of other clients, and if you help them by referring people to their business, they are likely to reciprocate.

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Hold Those Open Houses

Technology is great and offers plenty to like about it. Homes that are for sale can be viewed online at any hour of the day. And yet, for as much as technology has made things easier, some things can’t replace being there in person. Having open houses allows people to come and see the home, but it does more than that for you, the real estate agent. It provides you a way to gain more potential clients and to give out your business card. And be sure to do a post-open house assessment so that you can make future events as successful as possible.

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Utilizing Email Marketing

You might be thinking that email is only used for connecting with your current clients, but you would be missing an opportunity if that’s all you did with it. You can regularly contact everyone on your email contact list very easy to keep in touch with them. This isn’t sending an email every week to them, but perhaps a few times per year, you send an automated email to your whole list. You may garner some new business directly from these emails, but at the very least, you will help to keep you at the top of their mind, and referrals may also happen.

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Maintain Relationships

Once you help a client find that perfect home or allow them to sell the property that no longer fits them, it would be wrong to cut off communication with them. Good real estate agents know that they should keep in touch with these former clients, as they can generate referrals to you. Perhaps it’s a simple card at the holidays, or on the anniversary of them purchasing their home. It is essential to maintain these relationships because you never know what it might lead to.

Build That Online Presence

If you aren’t online as a real estate agent, you must be from a few decades ago when that wasn’t an option. Today, however, it is essential that you have an online presence. A simple website helps, but you should also have a few social media accounts that you use from time to time. Offer some helpful tips through your social media, post pictures of homes that just come on the market, and offer congratulations to the new homeowners. Others will see these and want to work with you when they see these images.

Create A Budget

Being a real estate agent equals running a business. As such, you need to create a budget for your business. It is too easy to spend money without making sure that you aren’t overspending. Ensure that what you are spending money on will generate leads for you, which ultimately leads to clients who bring money to your business. Certain times of the year, it is easy to spend a lot of money, but you need to plan for it and space out the spending throughout the year.

Have A Professional Office Space

A real estate agent needs to do a lot of things, and keeping organized is paramount to having a successful real estate career. Having a professional office space dedicated to your needs will make your daily activities more impactful. It will help you concentrate on the business and not get distracted, especially if you think a home office is a way to go. TailoredSpace has the right office space for you because they can customize an office for your business’s size. You might want a small office for you and a secretary, or your business might be large enough to have several assistants. TailoredSpace has multiple locations and  can offer you whatever size you need.

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Wrap Up

Being a real estate agent is the right career choice, but it comes with many work. It’s best to think of yourself as a business owner rather than just an agent, as that’s really what you are doing. You have to build a client list, keep in touch with them, and build a referral network, all while showing homes, working with builders, and keeping your staff busy. By following these steps, you will have a successful career working with real estate and helping people find the homes that they love.

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