Why Shared Office Space is an Excellent Option for Independent Attorneys


Shared office space has become a popular notion, especially for independent professionals. Shared office spaces are usually fully equipped and include the necessities of an office.

If you are an independent attorney who wants space to work on their practice, then a shared office space is an excellent idea because all you would have to do is move in with your belongings. Shared office spaces have a set that is convenient for all professionals to co-sharing space.

Suppose you are an independent attorney who is contemplating sharing office space. In that case, this is the perfect article for you since we will be presenting options as to why a shared office space is an excellent notion for you.

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As an independent attorney, you will be saving so much money by not having to worry about hiring a staff, purchasing office equipment, leasing/renting/purchasing office space, and all of the other factors of owning your law firm. It is a well-known fact that commercial leases are vastly expensive. A lease with a landlord could be more than a year plus a down payment, whereas in a shared office space at the most would require a one year lease. Take a look at what Forbes says about shared office space.

When you share an office space, it is already equipped with a reception area, high-speed, secure wireless internet connection, law firm grade telecommunications equipment, access to spacious conference rooms, and professional-grade copy equipment amenities included in shared office spaces. All of these will keep your financial expenses down, and it saves you time since everything is already set up for you. The only requirement of you is to bring what you need and move right into space.

2. Working in a shared environment will increase collaborative opportunities.

Law is a specific specialized profession. Attorneys practice law in their area of specialty, and for this reason, attorneys usually need to seek advice from other attorneys regarding cases outside their area of specialty. Therefore, when working in a shared office space among other attorneys, this will increase their ability to collaborate with other attorneys’ knowledge from complementary practice areas.

For instance, if an attorney who practices family law has questions regarding immigration policies and procedures, seeking help from an attorney of that specific specialty area will significantly benefit the case. This collaboration would provide a level of information and knowledge that would not be as accessible if the attorney had their own practice.

When sharing office space that is exclusively for attorneys than the opportunities to collaborate for cases allow you to have the chance to enhance your knowledge of the law. Also, you will be able to market yourself better for other clients and referrals. By collaborating with your colleagues, you will be able to present yourself as a more diversified attorney.  Check out this blog about how to make the ultimate collaborative workspace for some tips.

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3. Expanding clients

By collaborating work with other attorneys would expand your clients via referrals. It is a prevalent practice in a shared office since attorneys expect generative capability from their shared office space colleagues. This will help increase their profits as well. With the right mix of attorneys, this could make a massive difference in your revenue, especially if you start as an independent attorney.

The vital factor to take into consideration is to be selective about whom you would be collaborating with. Not every attorney is open to such business ideas. Be observant of the culture of the shared office space. If you are a medical attorney, you will not collaborate with a real estate attorney. Choose your co-collaborators accordingly.

Do your research thoroughly and ask about what areas of law the other attorneys who are leasing the shared office space are practicing. You want to make sure that the other attorneys practice in complementary areas of the law, which will benefit you, allowing for more potential for referral exchange. Also, that the culture of the shared office is decently social. Take a look at this article about why people thrive in coworking spaces.

4. Work is more fun and enjoyable in a comradely environment

Working in a shared office space is comradely by nature. It creates a sociable environment full of like-minded people who can build long-lasting professional and personal relationships. Surrounding yourself among like-minded people motivates and pushes you to reach your best potential. This is an excellent option to keep yourself highly motivated and to excel at your firm.

If the shared office space’s culture is to function at its best and aim to reach for their highest potential, then this can occur. But if the office culture is the opposite of that, then it would be a horrible place to share office space. You want to make sure that the environment you choose offers its best for you. Take a look at this article on coworking.

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Our great hope is that this article has provided you with excellent options to consider when deciding upon sharing office space. As mentioned before, take your time and research thoroughly about the different shared office spaces available by asking around other colleagues in law or reading online reviews or blogs about the different shared office spaces available in your area, specifically for attorneys.

Remember, our company TailoredSpace offers coworking desks, offices, and suites with flexible terms and configurations. We offer space for everyone. Come and book a tour of one of our shared office space today!