New Trends for Office Space in 2020

New Trends for Office Space in 2020

Coworking space was already going through a transformation before the lockdown was set in place. It was more a stylistic evolution and rather than what we see now in 2020. Practically speaking, after this lockdown is over, office designers are going to need to incorporate a multitude of changes rapidly. These changes will be influenced by what we experienced during the lockdown, like more spatial awareness, more remote working opportunities, better satellite offices, more flexibility, and interior design that uplifts one’s mood.

maintaining social distancing, and implementing all other COVID-19 health and safety guidelines for office space settings.

With that in mind, several key trends are already rising to the top of the agenda.

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Flexibility and Safety is The Ultimate Desire

The type of offices you see in movies pre-2010 are a thing of the past; they look like dinosaurs. For example, office furniture nailed down in place, heavy seating, fixed desks, and office equipment subject to set wiring ports and plugs, all of this looks like a drag. In 2020, we are set to see office flexibility shoot through the roof. There are several reasons why offices will never be so rigid again.

First, having the ability to move furniture around allows business owners to change the scene once in a while. Moving things around, where different departments can swap places from being near the windows and then in the center of the room, refreshes everyone’s minds.

 Secondly, lightweight furniture is cheaper as less material is needed. The design philosophy of dynamic flexibility also demands a contemporary approach to how we work. Some teams may need seating, tables, and other equipment, while others may not. So moving items around while staying in the same space, allows workers to utilize their office in a variety of ways.

Thirdly, our staff will implement the safety of maintaining social distancing of at least 6 feet of space between each person. As part of the office space trends in 2020, the necessary changes to sustain COVID-19 health guidelines will be a massive factor in how the office space layout is used. Therefore, be rest assured that at Tailoredspaces, our priority is your health and safety.  Flexible furniture will allow you to move furniture around according to your office needs, whether it is just for yourself or for you and your staff. Our furniture is purposely lightweight, so it is easily movable without any strenuous lifting or moving.

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Avoiding COVID-19 Fatigue While Working

Cities are becoming more than overcrowded; they’re becoming unbearable to live and work in. Covid-19 has shocked and woken us all up to this reality of having too many people in one place. It’s not just detrimental to our mental health but physical health as well. Therefore, companies need to consider opening more satellite offices. The most affordable way of doing this is by utilizing coworking spaces. This trend is popular among large to medium-sized businesses as they can afford to have multiple smaller offices within a coworking space.

Why is this a good thing? It allows businesses to spread their workforce around and not have to buy buildings for office space. They can rent a coworking space, where portions of their workforce can work independently. This also prevents businesses from getting trapped in 3 to 5-year leasing contracts as you have small enough teams that you can move them to different areas in the building as and when needed. Just paying the monthly rent to occupy a coworking space is going to become much more appealing than ever before in 2020. The strategy of using a coworking space to create Satellite offices is more efficient and affordable.

Also, the current pandemic of COVID-19 has to lead the way for workplace design into its next “paradigm shift.” Human beings are socially spirited and desire to escape to the office to connect with other people, but still want to feel healthy and safe. Going to a flexible workplace and understanding each person’s unique needs and comfort levels will be integral to employee well-being in the future. And this prevents people from feeling the so-called “COVID FATIGUE,” which is when people are tired of being confined at home and are ready to go out into the world. Designing office spaces that are COVID friendly will give people the ability to get out of their homes and have office life ambiance again.

Is Coworking a Thing of The Past?

In the middle of the previous decade, coworking became a very popular trend. It gave aspiring entrepreneurs a chance to have a stable office space, a solid base from which to conduct meetings and discuss operations. However, in light of the Covid-19 outbreak, experts are predicting that coworking space will go down the drain mainly because WeWork, the coworking giant, isn’t doing so well.

However, that assumption is incorrect as a lot of people are eager to get back to their coworking offices because it’s more affordable, and they have amenities their employees can use. But, you’d be lying if you said you didn’t want to make your coworking space, your own. Thankfully, custom office space designers like TailoredSpace are going to become saviors for someone like you. They offer mobile custom walls, which you can use to shape your office based on your preference. Flexible month-to-month memberships, which means you can change your style as many times as you like but not be bogged down by a traditional contract.

Also, outdoor seating with plenty of seating choices means you don’t feel confined entirely being indoors all of the time, and if you prefer to work outdoors you can, many office spaces are offering the options of a private pod. It truly is like having an office space of your own. All of these changes in design are what office space is during the COVID-19 pandemic. Check out this informative article about Suburban Office Spaces: The number #1 choice after COVID-19.

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A need for sustainable style

Take a look at modern offices, and you’ll see far too many plastics, metals, and synthetics used in the interior design. However, it’s cheap, affordable, and rugged, but there was no account for style and sustainability, both of which are destined to return as a dynamic duo in 2020. 

In 2016,  OnePlus survey researchers from Morgan Lovell found that 73% of workers believed sustainable offices increase productivity. Essentially, more people want natural things surrounding them as they work. This means more plants, flowers, and natural materials like wool, cotton, leather, and wood. That means leather office chairs and or wooden chairs with wool stuffing in the cushions need to be made more frequent.

Don’t just stick a plant pot in the corner somewhere. Offices need to incorporate plants as part of their style. This could be in elevated structures whereby the plants provide obscured privacy. More sustainable lounges need to become apparent. Consider wicker egg chairs, woolen Ottomans, and rugs made from durable trade cotton.

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Bringing Back Style

One thing noted in this pandemic is how much morale at work is key to keeping workers energetic and enthusiastic. How many workers can honestly say, they miss their office interior? So many modern offices look like carbon copies of each other. 

In 2020, a return to focussed and vibrant style is going to become the norm. This means you’ll see more rooms that have monochromatic styles, a sea of colors in the same spectrum, and vibrant bright colors splashed across the office. The trend will have office designers break away from the usual, neutral palette of white, grey, black, and beige. We’ll not look for workspaces that are yellow, red, green, and blue.

With such vibrant colors, this will bring forth an ambiance of productivity and liveliness since it is a proven fact that the colors of the room do affect the productivity and mood of a person.

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The Overall Picture

It may have taken a novel virus to shake up office space trends in 2020, but you can rest assured it will have a positive impact on all our professional lives. Coworking space will become more popular for large businesses looking to expand affordably and productively. Small businesses and entrepreneurs can also reap a significant portion of the reward, especially if they are looking for their own space to work or network with other experts. Based on the information above, the 2020 trend for coworking space is changing rapidly for the better.  

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