Why Coworking Spaces are best for Lawyers

In the legal industry, most law offices are beginning to make the change from a traditional office layout to shared co-working spaces. Ultimately, global circumstances are causing more legal firms to embrace virtual and socially distant environments. These various global circumstances including the Covid-19 pandemic have caused a massive demand for safe shared legal office suites. With the office environment permanently changed these safe co working spaces are likely to become a permanent fixture.  

Essentially, these spaces allow multiple lawyers to work together harmoniously and safely while granting them the ability to support one another. Although virtual environments are becoming popular, a shared co-working space, better promotes productivity. This is because it is often more professional for lawyers to be in a physical location when conducting business. We’re going to discuss a few key reasons as to why co-working spaces are best for lawyers. 

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Are Law Office Suites Right For You?

A law office suite is an alternative description for a co-working space for lawyers. Many lawyers will often disregard the idea of a co-working space as they have a few pre-determined misconceptions about these types of shared offices. Firstly co-working spaces are much more than shared cubicle offices that are stocked with food items. They are also suited not only to entrepreneurs, start-up businesses, and freelancers. 

In essence, a co-working office space is a specific space designed to be shared by groups of professional individuals or businesses that provides flexibility, resources, and opportunities. Lawyers can benefit immensely from working in a co-working space for several reasons that we will soon look at. Do you want to work in a shared environment amongst other lawyers or want your team to be more communicative with one another? If so, then a co-working environment might be the best alternative to traditional office environments for you.

Four Benefits Demonstrating How Coworking Spaces are best for Lawyers

A lawyer’s job can be stressful at times, so it would be best to work in an office environment that hosts many benefits. Below are some of the essential benefits that demonstrate why a co-working space is ideal for individual lawyers or groups of lawyers working with a firm.

1. More Space at a Lower Cost

Business rentals can be costly, especially in the city. Some estimates have stated that most law firms cannot rent a large office for less than $5000 a month. In New York, for example, you are looking at needing to budget $5000 for 921 square feet of office space. This figure often doesn’t even include the cost of other amenities like the internet, water, and electricity. In comparison, co-working offices are often cheaper to rent and provide you with the same amount of space.

However, there are some that are similar in price to what you would rent for an ordinary office space. Still, unlike traditional office spaces, you will receive all the amenities included in the rental price. Often co-working offices come move-in ready with all the office furniture and necessities provided for you. 

2. Provides Privacy for You and Your Clients

You might think that if you rent a co-working office space that you will need to forego privacy. For lawyers, this is a considerable concern as most of their work is confidential and private. Fortunately, if you rent the right kind of co-working office space, you will not have to be concerned as you will retain your and your client’s privacy at the office. 

Some co-working spaces provide private executive suites and offices that you can choose to rent on a monthly or yearly basis. These rooms are fully private and perfect for lawyers as they often house all the amenities you could need if you are a freelance lawyer. 

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If you’re considering utilizing a co-working office environment as a lawyer, you should have a look at the TailoredSpace website today. 

3. Co-Working Office Spaces are Fully Stocked 

We briefly touched on how co-working office spaces come with necessities but did you know that most co-working spaces come fully stocked and equipped. When you rent a co-working office space as a lawyer, you will receive much of the same amenities and luxuries you would if you worked for someone in a traditional law firm. Most of these shared spaces offer fully stocked tea and coffee stations, and most will also provide employees with other complimentary beverages and various snacks. 

Additionally, you will also have most stationery and office equipment provided for you, which is especially handy for lawyers as they tend to need hundreds of photocopies weekly. Moreover, there is no financial or maintenance responsibility that you need to undertake. If something breaks, the company renting the space to you will fix and replace whatever needs attention. 

4.There are Better Networking Opportunities

As a lawyer, networking plays a significant role in garnering new clientele. If you are starting a law firm, networking is crucially important to the success of your firm. A co-working environment can significantly benefit lawyers as they will be surrounded by plenty of like-minded people who likely share their vision, work ethic, and goals. 

A co-working space promotes camaraderie as people will want to help each other succeed through networking. There is much that you can fruitfully gain from networking with the professionals that you associate with daily. Co-working spaces bring down some of the barriers that traditional offices put in place by continuously allowing lawyers to communicate and be around one another freely. 

To embark on your co-working space journey, get in touch with TailoredSpace today as they can help you learn more about this ingenious office solution. 

Now You Know Why Coworking Spaces are Best for Lawyers

The four benefits we have listed demonstrating why co-working spaces are best for lawyers are just the tip of the iceberg. There are many other benefits associated with lawyers utilizing co-working spaces. However the advantages we have shown you should give you a good idea as to why you should consider this time of office space. There are a few companies that prove incredible co-working spaces, such as TailoredSpace. Having a physical office while working virtually can be beneficial as it shows you are a professional. It might be time to seriously reevaluate how you want to practice law and the type of office environment you want to be in when you are conducting business.

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