How To Set Up a Virtual Office and Mailing Address 

What Is a Virtual Office?

Virtual offices encompass a package of remote business solutions that allow you and your employees to work from anywhere without losing any of the benefits that come with a regular office. They can offer many advantages over a traditional office space. Virtual office Spaces  (or  known as mailing addresses) with TailoredSpace provide your business with an address so that you can receive company mail  at all times. 

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Advantages of a Virtual Office

There are a few massive benefits to virtual offices:

  • Affordability — virtual offices come at a fraction of the cost of leasing traditional office spaces. They are much more affordable than renting a typical office space.
  • Flexibility — if your company starts to grow out of control, virtual offices and shared workspaces can scale up to your needs. Or, if your team needs to change locations, it is much easier to move and set up a new virtual office or mailing address.
  • Credibility – People will trust you more knowing that you have an actual business address that they can send mail to .It looks so unprofessional  to have clients send mail to your personal home !  

Getting a virtual office space from TailoredSpace comes with some additional advantages, including discounts on:

  • Conference rooms.
  • Member events.
  • Rentals.
  • Mail packaging.

What if you don’t need an actual office space but just need somewhere to receive business mail? We offer virtual memberships that grant you access to a PO Box that helps establish your company as a professional organization.

Determine Your Business Strategy

Even when you’re working virtually or remotely, a business plan can help you map out a strategy and figure out all of the needs for your business. Everyone’s virtual office will be different depending on a number of factors, like whether you have a physical office you are working out of or are starting out 100% virtual. No matter what the goals of your business are, your plan should include:

  • Any necessary funding requests.
  • A company description.
  • Any services or products you want to offer.
  • The structure of management.
  • Analysis of your industry and competitors.
  • Sales and marketing strategies.
  • An executive summary.
  • Financial projections.

Determining this strategy from the start will help you understand your needs for things like workspaces, staffing, and resources, which are all crucial aspects to making your business operate smoothly.

Find Your Workspace

One of the best aspects of a virtual office is that you can, theoretically, work anywhere in the world, but to make this work and remain efficient and productive, having the best setup possible is crucial. Home offices have been a popular choice for a while, but coworking spaces are becoming more and more common.

Coworking spaces

Coworking spaces are places where many people gather together while working on independent projects, and they offer the same amenities that you would typically find in an office while providing much more flexibility.

Coworking spaces give you a physical office to grow your business and usually provide things like WiFi, conference rooms, and printers. They can provide you with many tools that you might not be able to afford on your own, and there aren’t typically any long-term leases like renting out a regular office building.

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Your Business Address

If your business has a physical address, it is much easier for you to
establish credibility as an entrepreneur and is also necessary if you wish to form an LLC. The simplest option for this is making use of a coworking space, which will provide you with an address where you can receive business mail.

TailoredSpace’s virtual membership provides you with a mailing address to receive your business mail through — establish the credibility of your business even if you don’t have a physical address.

Tools and Resources

There are many tools and resources that you can use to help make your virtual office feel like it’s the real thing. There is a plethora of software that can help you keep in touch with employees, coworkers, and customers — Slack and Zoom are two amazing ones for staying in close contact.

Content management systems (CRMs), like Asana, are tools that your business can use to keep coworkers connected and see what’s going on with the company. They allow you to keep track of projects, deadlines, and more.

Virtual Assistants

Hiring a virtual assistant can be a fantastic way for new business owners to lighten their workload by helping them delegate and understand different tasks efficiently while staying organized. 

Virtual assistants can do almost anything like editing your content, ordering supplies, scheduling meetings, running your social media, or doing organizational tasks. They can be an invaluable resource to your business by allowing you to focus on the big picture while they take care of the smaller details.

Virtual Phone Systems

Contrary to a typical office setting, having a virtual phone system installed takes only a few minutes, and it will improve your efficiency more than you could imagine. Get your business up and running quickly by choosing a business phone number, recording a greeting message, and adding other employees to the system. After that, you and your team will have the ability to take calls and receive messages and faxes from anywhere, whether you are at the “office” or not.

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Employee and Client Interaction

One of the keys to running a successful virtual business is to maintain interaction with your employees and clients. While this can be more challenging from a virtual office, it’s far from impossible.

You’ll have to let go of a certain amount of control, as you won’t be able to see everything that’s happening in the company directly, and it can be more difficult to keep other employees motivated. Video chat helps immensely here and gives you the ability to make sure your instructions and intentions are made clear.

So  what if it is absolutely necessary to meet with someone at a physical office?  No problem !  Luckily , TailoredSpace offers  reduced memberships on conference spaces if you already have a virtual office with them . All of your office space needs are being taken care of when you work at TailoredSpace!

Do you want to establish a virtual office of your own? Check out TailoredSpace’s efficient and economical options!