Top 5 Riverside Office Spaces Of 2021

Today, there are an estimated 35,000 flexible workspaces in the world, with an estimated global market value of approximately $26 billion! Coworking initially became an attractive concept by countering our pejorative views of the traditional office. Just a few years ago, many people viewed coworking as a “trend” or a “fad movement” that would quickly fade away; in 2020, coworking is now a full-blown industry that has majorly shifted both the real estate industry and the way people look at work. And while coworking continues to evolve and change with technology and cultural trends, we can all see that coworking is here to stay. Coworking, along with other kinds of flexible workspaces, is known for providing environments that are conducive to innovation, collaboration, and productivity. These kinds of workplaces originally pioneered implementing a humane approach to design. This trend is catching up among real estate developers, landlords, and companies. 

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While shifts in the corporate world take forever, things move at lightning speed in the startup universe. Startups, home-based entrepreneurs, and freelancers are all taking advantage of working spaces around the globe. We’ve got some of the best coworking office spaces right here in Riverside. Read on to learn more about the top five coworking office spaces in Riverside right now!

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Top 5 Riverside Coworking Office Spaces


TailoredSpace is innovating the workplace by offering companies custom office layouts without any binding leases. This firm knows that business nature is unpredictable, which is why they’ve designed office campuses in exceptionally dynamic ways to fit your specific needs. TailoredSpace provides desks, offices, and suites solely on a month-to-month basis providing businesses with the flexibility to leave or join anytime. Their campuses are all integrated with the latest mobile wall technology, allowing them to combine or demise offices within a short 24 hours. All their campuses emphasize communal spaces to develop a sense of community for their members. Their spaces are also turnkey and fully furnished, virtually eliminating the traditional hassles of leasing office space. Their Riverside Office Space is located in the heart of downtown, only one block from the Riverside MetroLink, and you can easily access it through the 91 Freeway. Free onsite parking- which is a vast luxury downtown- is offered for their members, making for an extremely straightforward commute. Of course, lunch options are abundant, since the Riverside Food Hall is only a short walk away. The Festival of Lights, Riverside Art Museum, and Mission Inn are all within walking distance. 


3600 Lime Street, Building 2,

Riverside, CA 92501

Rebecca Rodriguez

Community Director

Mind & Mill

Mind & Mill advertises a “vision for a community built on three entities.” They believe that an agency, cowork, and event space exists to build and assist a rich community of highly motivated people in thriving, growing, and sharing their talents. Their space functions as a community and habitat for intelligent, driven people to come together and collaborate, expand their businesses, and learn from each other and the community. They are proud to have created a place for workers to dedicate their time to be productive and be able to jump into an organization right away.


3615 Main Street, Suite 103

Riverside, United States

Cubework- Riverside

Cubework provides standard and custom commercial and warehouse spaces that are open for immediate use. They offer a tremendous amount of flexibility, with 300 to 20,000 square foot spaces that can be utilized for a vast range of services. Their spaces have been used for everything from general warehousing to production and light manufacturing. All of their warehouse spaces can be constructed specifically to meet your unique needs. They also have experienced professionals who can work with you to make sure that your space matches your business’s needs.

Their facilities include spanning warehouses with office buildings and beautifully designed lounges, conference rooms, and private offices. Commuting is exceptionally convenient, and they are located only a few minutes away from the freeways. They also have suitable parking spots once you’ve arrived at the location. Each of the Cubework locations come with onsite staff, from front desk-service to personal support for you throughout the workweek. A cleaning crew assists around the clock to keep common areas, meeting rooms, and private offices spick and span. 


14600 Innovation Drive

Riverside, United States


Located in Rancho Cucamonga, CA, FoundrSpace is dedicated to creating a space for work and community for the modern professional. Coworking isn’t just about renting out a desk, and becoming a member of FoundrSpace isn’t just access to a beautiful space. It’s all about having access to a diverse and evolving community of modern professionals who hold each other to high standards and want to see their community thrive and succeed. Their membership options vary from hot desk open seating to semi-private dedicated desks. Some amenities include:

  • Private offices- If your team needs a personal space, we have private offices available by the hour, day, or month
  • Phone booths- Private phone booths are available and complimentary for all members
  • Conference room- A conference room that seats up to 10 and can be booked by the hour or day
  • Beer- Fresh beer available on tap from local microbreweries
  • Free premium local coffee


11799 Sebastian Way

Rancho Cucamonga, United States

Spark Tank

This space offers a warm and cozy setting plus a stellar view of downtown Riverside. Plants on white tables with wood floors add a crisp, clean, and refreshing atmosphere. Their main clientele are startups and entrepreneurs, and their goal is to have members be inspired by each others’ passion. Many students and freelancers also enjoy the space. The Spark Tank network works with startup companies to get their dreams going, and to generate an incubator vibe with diverse interests.


3516 9th Street

Riverside, United States

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What Makes TailoredSpace Stand Out


The nature of business is fickle. Month-to-month memberships and reconfigurable offices offers unique levels of flexibility and gives our members a clear competitive edge.


Integrating our Campuses into the neighborhoods of our Members is key. Having suburban workspaces means less time wasted on commuting and a higher quality of life.


We strive to make our spaces as environmentally friendly as possible, utilizing innovative construction techniques that minimize waste.


Community is essential for productivity and overall health, which is why we encourage diverse, collaborative spaces for all members.

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As you can see, coworking spaces are the way of the future. Founded by industry leaders within the Southern California office market, TailoredSpace combines unbeatable flexibility with cutting-edge technology. Let’s build together!

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